Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 26 Worship

Just As I Am (D)

June 19 recap

Sunday, the 19th's worship was flawed. Now, I realize we're flawed people, and maybe I'm just tired after a grueling emotional weekend, but we just weren't together.

We had to change up a song but that was for a good reason. Our drummer wanted to spend time with it and get with Sean to work out an actual "sound" for the piece. I find that heartening because it seems as if we're going through the music with a collective passive heart.

Your Grace Is Enough - too slow

Blessed Be Your Name - couldn't quite find a key that worked well

Unfailing Love - don't even get me started - something wacky with the timing.

I'm praying hard for a revival of heart for us all.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 19 Worship

We're changing up the keys on a couple of the songs this week - heads up to guitarists, singers may thank me later :D

Your Grace Is Enough

Blessed Be Your Name

In Christ Alone

Unfailing Love

June 12 Worship - REDONE

Since I'm not "called" to be a worship leader the task can fall completely apart for me at times. The set for June 12th went okay with the band rehearsal, but it just didn't feel right. I talked with David about it and he agreed.

I sat down to rework it and just couldn't get it together. He finally came up with:

O Worship The King (Tomlin)

Our God

New Doxology

The River (Invitation)

It worked out fine, except we only had 2 of our 5 praise team singers. All I can say is: Small church is hard.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 12 Worship Set

O Worship The King (Tomlin) G

He Reigns (C)

Holy, Holy, Holy (C) - traditional hymn here, not certain of how many verses we'll do yet.


The River (D) The congregation loved this song. We'll be using it this week during the invitation time.

Our drummer was out sick today and he was missed! We've come to depend heavily on him to keep us together and for the added depth to the sound. We decided not to sing "New Doxology" today (June 5) because the drums have a strong presence that make a huge difference. This song was also really received well by the congregation.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

June 5th Worship Set

Today Is The Day (C)

God You Reign (D)

New Doxology (D) This song went over so well, we're repeating it this week.

Grace Flows Down (D)

We'll begin working on The River (D) by Brian Doerksen. It's a truly beautiful song in both melody (which has an Appalachian sound) and words.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Worship Set for May 29th

The worship set for this week is pretty straight-forward musically (all in the key of G, except for the invitation).

The video for The Potter's Hand has a lovely flute in the intro. but my music nor CCLI's has it. I've asked our flautist to listen to it and see what she can do. The chorus screams for harmony on this one.

Forever - G

O Praise Him - G

The Potter's Hand
- G

New Doxology - G

Jesus Paid It All - C

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 22

Indescribable (F)

O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing - Crowder (F)

The Heart of Worship (D)

Revelation Song (D)

I Give You My Heart (F)

May 15 Recap

The worship this morning went really well. The transition from "Hosanna" to "Holy is the Lord" is such a natural fit both with lyrics and music. We began & ended "Call Upon His Name" with solos, featuring the more poignant words and music at each place. But - we did end up taking out "I Love to Tell the Story" - we just can't seem to get that one to work. We've tried it twice before and as much as we'd like to include it, the song always comes across as contrived musically. We can't let that happen when the words are so beautiful. Until we can do it well, we won't do it at all.

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 15 Worship

Hosanna (G) by Baloche & Brown
Holy Is The Lord (G) by Tomlin

Call Upon His Name (C) Zschech
I Love to Tell the Story (F) (traditional)

We'll begin work this week on David Crowder's updated version of "O, for a Thousand Tongues to Sing" traditionally by Charles Wesley. Some of the updated hymns tend to sound contrived, but Crowder did a great job on this one.

Monday, May 2, 2011

May 8

I think last Sunday's music was one of our best yet. We had time together with just the band, then with two of our vocalists & band and then I met separately with all the vocalists using just piano to make certain the new song was down pat plus to try to work in some harmonies. Sunday morning it all came together beautifully. I pray that God was glorified.

This week's music will be set around our worship of the One True Holy God.

You, You Are God (C)

Here I Am To Worship (C)

Breathe (A)
We'll have a solo lead out on the verse with the congregation joining in on the chorus. Then, we'll go straight into the 2nd vs of:

How Great Is Our God (A)

Our invitation song will be:
Change My Heart O God (B flat)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Transition Frustration!

The utter frustration of not "getting" chord transitions is terrible! My piano education never focused on chords and that's pretty much all praise/worship music is today. After spending way too much time to come up with what I thought was a workable transition I find out from Sean (lead guitarist) that we don't need it - we should be able to simply go from the G chord to the C without it. argh

This Sunday's set will change "There Is None Like You/Amazing Grace/We Fall Down" to having no transition chord plus we'll switch the order of Amazing Grace & We Fall Down.

This is just one reason that rehearsing with the band without vocals is important. It should make for a much smoother praise team practice tomorrow night.

May 1, 2011

Our music this week will be our response to the amazing fact that our Lord went to such depths to show His love for us. We'll lift His Name up in praise with "Everlasting God" and "My Savior Lives" and then bow in worship through "There Is None Like You."

Everlasting God
Key of B flat
Sean will begin intro of 4 measures on lead guitar with John (bass), David (acoustic), Me (keyboard), & Brent (drums) joining in on 5th measure.

***My Savior Lives*** (NEW SONG ALERT!!)
Key of E - I'll be using lead sheet in F transposing down to E

These next three songs will flow straight from one to another. There will be a key transition between the first & second songs.

There Is None Like You
(Note harmonies)
Key of G transition chords F/A > G (bass note G w/ GBD chord) > C

Amazing Grace ((1st vs)
Key of C

We Fall Down
(once through)
Key of C

Come Just As You Are - invitation
Key of F