Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Transition Frustration!

The utter frustration of not "getting" chord transitions is terrible! My piano education never focused on chords and that's pretty much all praise/worship music is today. After spending way too much time to come up with what I thought was a workable transition I find out from Sean (lead guitarist) that we don't need it - we should be able to simply go from the G chord to the C without it. argh

This Sunday's set will change "There Is None Like You/Amazing Grace/We Fall Down" to having no transition chord plus we'll switch the order of Amazing Grace & We Fall Down.

This is just one reason that rehearsing with the band without vocals is important. It should make for a much smoother praise team practice tomorrow night.

May 1, 2011

Our music this week will be our response to the amazing fact that our Lord went to such depths to show His love for us. We'll lift His Name up in praise with "Everlasting God" and "My Savior Lives" and then bow in worship through "There Is None Like You."

Everlasting God
Key of B flat
Sean will begin intro of 4 measures on lead guitar with John (bass), David (acoustic), Me (keyboard), & Brent (drums) joining in on 5th measure.

***My Savior Lives*** (NEW SONG ALERT!!)
Key of E - I'll be using lead sheet in F transposing down to E

These next three songs will flow straight from one to another. There will be a key transition between the first & second songs.

There Is None Like You
(Note harmonies)
Key of G transition chords F/A > G (bass note G w/ GBD chord) > C

Amazing Grace ((1st vs)
Key of C

We Fall Down
(once through)
Key of C

Come Just As You Are - invitation
Key of F